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Cabling Store US

Our products are dedicated to IT professionals who wish to save time and get the best quality of cabling products.

We are selling the first patch cables equipped with the light tracking technology, called Patchsee system. Since 20 years, this revolutional system is already used by millions of professionnals.

With the Patchsee system, we ensure you to save time during maintenance and operations: easy identification of the cable. The cable's conception was designed with the objective to reduce the risk of down-time thanks to ultra slim patch cord. Thus, the ventilation of your racks is optimized.

In addition to our traceable patch cords, we decided to facilitate your installations with multiple accessories such as removable clips (identification of applications and geographical areas), cable ties, tab protections etc.

Express delivery in Canada & USA

All orders are shipped via DHL express to ensure the best possible delivery times and tracking for our customers. We only deliver in Canada and USA.

Products designed for IT professionals

All the products we offer are the result of years of experience as cabling guys. Products are designed for you, successful and innovative. Hundreds of thousands of users have become adept at the Patchsee system...

Quality warranty and patents

All our products are patented and tested. They are fully compliant with standards and certififcations to guarantee the greatest durability and quality of use.

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